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Apple MacBook Camera not working

Apple MacBook Camera not working

If the camera on your Apple MacBook is not working, you can try the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Check if the camera is covered or obstructed: Ensure that there is nothing blocking the camera lens, such as a sticker or a piece of tape.

2. Check the System Report: Open the Apple menu and choose "About This Mac." Select the "System Report" button and go to the "Camera" section. If the camera is listed and has no issues, move on to the next step. If it's not listed, there may be a hardware problem.

3. Restart your MacBook: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve camera issues.

4. Reset the SMC (System Management Controller):

  • Shut down your MacBook Pro 
  • Hold down the Shift + Control + Option keys and the Power button
  • Release all the keys and the power button at the same time
  • Turn on your MacBook Pro

5. Reset the NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory):

  • Shut down your MacBook Pro
  • Hold down Command + Option + P + R
  • Press the power button to turn on your MacBook Pro
  • Continue holding the keys until you hear the startup sound twice

6. Check for software updates: Go to the Apple menu and choose "Software Update." If there are any updates available for your MacBook, install them.

7. Check third-party software: If you're using any third-party applications that use the camera, try quitting those applications and see if the camera starts working.

8. If the above steps do not work, there may be a hardware problem with the camera, and you may need to take your MacBook to an Apple store or an authorized repair center for further assistance.

Note: Before trying any of these steps, make sure your MacBook is running the latest version of macOS and all updates are installed.

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